Today, I woke up from a WACKO dream. I debated over whether or not to write about it, because tbh guys, it was pretty morbid. But then, after later events of the day took place, I decided that it wouldn’t freak anyone out TOO badly: Because these deliciously plump, moist, and warm pumpkin raisin scones […]


Sometimes, it feels like all of the food bloggers I adore are all in really happy, super cute relationships. I’m not gonna lie; I am a total sucker for cute blog posts that mention significant others. Especially when, of course, a tasty recipe is involved. Don’t even get me started on power couples that like, […]


I’m going to start with a disclosure and a disclaimer. The disclosure: I’ve had chocolate cake for breakfast for the past several days. The disclaimer: I didn’t bake the cake I’m about to wax poetically about. Now, this wasn’t just any chocolate cake. It was an amazingly wonderful gift, which we randomly unearthed from our […]


HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYBODY!!! Yesterday, I woke up with grand plans to jog to Whole Foods, spend too long browsing, and walk back home with some fresh asparagus and cherries in hand. I had intentions of whipping up a delicious and sophisticated lunch for myself and then sharing my delectable success with the world wide […]


Yesterday morning, my dad was perusing the kitchen for some breakfast to take to work, and he came across a batch of whole wheat strawberry muffins I had made. “Can I steal a muffin?” he asked. Do you know how excited, happy, touched I was in that moment?! I was excited because I realized Omg, somebody […]


When I was a kid, I was an easy crier. It was especially bad during movies, i.e. Remember that scene in Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, when Snape is being mean to Harry during Potions? Yeah I had to close my eyes during that. I also couldn’t watch America’s Funniest Home Videos without […]


When you’re trying to fall asleep at night, do you ever think about the stuff you used to think about in bed when you were a kid trying to fall asleep at night? That wasn’t a typo. I promise. It was just a very not-eloquent sentence (like this one). Erniewerrrrs, sometimes I do! My sister […]


These days, I get randomly emotional just thinking about the passage of time. Of my life. How deep of me, right? It’s my brother’s fault, actually. I’m convinced that younger siblings have this remarkable ability to send you through a wormhole, to the years of your youth. All it takes is one glance, and suddenly, […]


Some things just taste better wet. Okay, so that sounds kind of gross. But personally speaking, I think it’s true! Call me crazy, but I just tend to prefer foods with a lot of wetness to them! To me, a lot of foods are better when they’re wetter! For example: Tres Leches Cake (READ: SWEET MILK.) […]

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Good Monday to everyone!! Nearly a month has gone by since I initiated the Breakfast Book Challenge as a way for myself to give more genuine thanks, more regularly & thoughtfully. So far, I think it has been going well: Although I have missed some days due to busy mornings, family vacation, or simply my […]


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